Stinging nettle is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods in the nature. It contains large amounts of iron, proteins, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids and is helpful as a supplement to vegetarians, athletes and to anyone interested in improving their health. Our products are certified organic.

Wild nettle benefits:

🍃Boost Your immune system – contains large amounts of iron and chlorophyll
🍃Improve memory and concentration – improves energy levels during the day; strengthens the bones, nails, hair and teeth
🍃Maintain a healthy body weight – as a diuretic, it increases urine production and the elimination of waste products
🍃Add vitality and strength to everyday life – supports prostrate health
🍃Cleanse and detox your body and mind – is helpful with conditions such as skin rashes and kidney stones as it removes uric acid waste products from the body
🍃Reduce inflammation and  seasonal allergies – stops nosebleeds and is helpful for heavy menstrual bleeding
🍃Boost athletic perfomance – contains more protein than any other plant
🍃Helps to treat hay fever, asthma and insect bites
🍃Removes phlegm from the lungs

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