Organic food with nettle makes you feel great and gives energy.

We believe people do care about what is in their food and cosmetics.
We developed innovative portfolio of nettle products, such as smoothie powders, plant and berry powders, which are packed with the powerful nutrients what body needs to stay healthy and strong.
Using green technology we produce nettle powder, concentrate, syrup and oil.

Raw materials are organic and inspected from the field to the final product. Cooperation with Food And Fermentation Technology Development Center assures the out plant powders are made using the right technologies and have the best nutrition value. We use freeze-dry and extraction techniques in order to preserve 99 per cent iron, magnesium, calcium and other minerals. These technologies make our herbal powders valuable for pharmaceutical, beauty and food industries.

HIID brand represent organic food, healthy lifestyle and clean nature on the island of  Hiiumaa, where we have a significant and growing network of farmers.