Vaba Aed Ltd is located on Hiiumaa, second biggest island of Estonia. Our brand HIID represents organic food, healthy lifestyle and clean nature of Hiiumaa. Blue- berries, lingonberries and other wild berries and herbs from the islands forests provide the ultra nutrient dense powders for our superfood mictures and health products.

We use wild hand picked stinging nettle in most of our products, which is a real nordic superfood and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins essential for a healthy body and mind, especially for people with restricted diets like vegans and vegetarians but also for all health conscious people who enjoy living a full and rich life.

HIID products are inspired by folk medicine and natural remedies that have been in use for centuries but we have developed them further in cooperation with scientists to make sure the products have clear and proven health benefits.

It is essential that the healthiest herbs and plants come from places where the air and soil are unpolluted and clean. That makes Hiiumaa a perfect place for gathering uncultivated herbs and berries from the wild and they make the cleanest products.