20 g

Ingredients: nettle, calendula, cornflower and heather wildgrafted leaves and flowers.

All ingredients from controlled organic farming.

HIID wild energy tea is a delicious and beneficial beverage that helps boost the immune system, digesting, protect the heart, relieve pain and inflammation.

The nettle plant is an anti-asthmatic, antibacterial, a blood purifier, and a stimulating tonic.
The antioxidants of calendula in this flower tea are also helped by natural antibacterial and antiviral compounds, which can relieve strain on your immune system and prevent infection.
Indeed, cornflower flowers are known to stimulate and fortify the human body, reinforcing the immune system and liver activity.
Tea is poured there in the calculation of 1 teaspoon per class of water plus one teaspoon “for teapot”. The kettle is immediately poured with boiling water and being brewed for 3-5 minutes. Add a bit of honey or stevia, if you like and enjoy your tea.
Nettle tea can be quite a strong beverage, and has a rapid effect on the body, primarily due to the flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals found in the plant. Start out by only having one cup of tea per day to make sure you don’t have any side effects to it.

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